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HOMETOWN Health Center Services

HOMETOWN Health Center now has a Patient Portal!

HOMETOWN Health Center now has a Patient Portal www.nextmd.com.

The patient portal currently allows patients to request appointments, ask their care team medical questions and also ask billing questions.

To sign up, please call to request a token or ask the patient specialist for a token at your next visit.

ICE Keytags Community Service Program

HOMETOWN Health Center is now a member of the ICE Keytag Community Service Program. ICE Keytags will allow emergency medial service to contact your loved ones in an emergency. For more information about the ICE keytag program go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoCip-Q2jII or http://www.icekeytagsforbusiness.com/about1.htm sadf

Dental Services

HOMETOWN Health Center has dental services at many locations. Please call 924-5200 or 1-866-364-1366 for an appointment or more information. HHC also offers dental hygiene at the RSU19 and SAD #53 schools.

Click here for more information about our dental services.

Mouth Guards

HHC offers $30 custom mouth guards for athletes. Mouth guards protect your child's teeth while playing sports. 

Healthcare For all Ages

HHC offers a wide range of services that cater to patients of all ages, regardless of financial status.

Click here for more information about our medical services.

Pediatric Services

HHC has pediatric services in our Newport location.

5210 Let's Go Program

The 5210 Let's Go Program is a program to decrease the number of overweight and obese children in Maine. HHC provides materials to children and families at their appointments to promote healthy eating and active living.

Silly Bandz Challenge 

Children also can ask about our Silly Bandz Challenge. This is a challenge using Silly Bandz that encourages children to eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetable each day. The child starts with all 5 Silly Bandz on one wrist and as they eat a serving of a fruit or veggie they are able to move 1 silly band to the other wrist. The goal is to get all 5 of the Silly Bandz to the opposite wrist each day. 

Behavioral Health Services

We provide Behavioral Health Services and Care Management Services. The Share the Care team works with patients to help them take the steps needed to improve their health.

Click here for more information about our medical services.

Same-Day Appointments

HHC can meet your same-day appointment needs.

On-Site Paperwork Assistance

Our staff can assist patients with many different types of paperwork such as our sliding scale form, MaineCare applications, applying for housing assistance and transportation.

For a list of additional services please click here.